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The coating system of a pool is subjected to a demanding environment therefore all the applied materials must meet the requirements to achieve the durability of the equipment. The entire construction process requires caution in it's implementation to prevent any serious pathology that can cause huge losses.


It is essential that the carrier, most often in a concrete finished plaster / screed has the required resistance to these sites, especially cohesion, adhesion and absence of cracking.


There are various types of coatings used in pool's finish: ceramics, glass or natural stone, and glass wafer is marketed plates the preferred solution. These plates consist of several parts fixed together on the inside face with dots of adhesive, fiberglass and resins network or paper which cause a different behavior when applied in swimming pools. Fixing these parts requires adequate glues to their properties. The disregard of the conditions leading to continued errors in preconization solutions.


In DREAMPOOLS our guests are guaranteed.

  •      We apply its cover with cement glue high performance specially selected to pools resistant to chemicals not change the PH of the water in your pool or spa / hot tub.
  •      Only apply high-quality finish to ensure the quality of your pool for many years and security on your investment.
  •      Our employees are very experienced technicians in pools with many years of experience guarantee a careful application and with great attention to detail ensuring a superb end result.
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