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Our extensive experience in the construction market pools, allows us to state that we are the ideal partner to run your project. See our portfolio and see for yourself .



The Dreampools, can make covers for virtually all types of pools

  • Concrete pools,
  • Fiberglass rectangular or freeform,
  • New construction or existing pools.
Blade Covers

Demand security for your pool?
Want a heated swimming pool at no cost?
Find here the ideal solution.
Enjoy your pool in comfort year-round.


The coverage of your pool works as a "horizontal" barrier to dirt, preventing accidents with children, animals and uninvited guests. Do not waste time cleaning.

Winter Covers

The cover functions as a "horizontal" barrier to the dirtiness of your pool, preventing access to children, pets and unwanted visitors.

The covers:

  • Has UV protection
  • Improve the overall condition of your pool
  • Prevents dirt
  • Unwanted visitors are kept away
  • Save more than 50% in chemicals
  • Reduces 90% of water evaporation
  • Increase the temperature to about 4 ° C
  • Prevents the appearance of algae, and especially protects your family and your pets
  • The assembly with tensioners and special accessories allows loads up to 300 kg / m2.



Dreampools, can make covers for virtually all types of swimming pools,

  • Concrete pools,
  • Fiberglass, rectangular or freeform
  • New construction or existing pool
Summer Covers

Preserves the temperature of the water (especially at night). It saves a few degrees of temperature especially on sunny days. Reduces natural evaporation. Saves maintenance products (chlorine ...). Coverage isothermal polyethylene, blue, anti-UV and anti-oxidant treatment to obtain maximum durability.



The pool coverage works as a "horizontal" barrier to the soiling of your pool, preventing access to children, pets and unwanted visitors.


  • The Thermal covers increases the temperature by 6 degrees or more
  • The UV protection prevents the appearance of algae
  • Improve the overall condition of your pool
  • Prevents dirt saving more than 50% in the chemicals
  • Reduces 90% water evaporation
Automatic Blade Covers

These covers fulfill several functions, among which we highlight:


  • Security: For children and animals


  • Thermal isolation prevents temperature loss both during the night or in the case of heated pools, and decreases by 80 to 90% condensations on indoor pools


  • Reduced maintenance:


If we associate this cover with a heating system, by solar panels or heat pump, it may extend the use of the pool for 5 to 6 months, extending the time of use.

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