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Pool Maintenance
Pool Maintenance
  • Problems with your pool’s maintenance, it’s losing water?
  • Problems with filtering, loss of water quality?

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DreamPools – Specialists in building and maintaining pools and jacuzzis, with superior quality materials and an efficient maintenance service. A dynamic team with over 37 years of experience that uses new materials and methods to build pools in Algarve & Alentejo. We have complete confidence in our construction method, which is the reason why we warrant our pools in 15 years. We have testimonials from many satisfied customers such as the Cascade and the Slide & Splash resorts, as well as from several condo and private clients.

Our maintenance service

Our vast experience acquired in over 37 years of working in building and maintaining pools assures your pool will be well handled.
  • Our clients include resorts, hotels, condos and homes.
  • Regular cleaning of the pool and the pre-filters.
  • Regular testing of the water quality.
  • Replacement of the filter’s filtering sand.
  • Work sheet containing hour, day, test values and the professional responsible for the maintenance.
  • Chemicals included.

Assessment of structural integrity; resurfacing, water leaks and tubing repairs.
  • Annual contracts starting from 55 €/month.
  • 3 Years contracts, first month free.
  • Quarterly or monthly payments.

Our technicians:  Specialists in pool construction and maintenance who enjoy constant support and training from the resurfacing and technical material brands that DreamPools represents.

At DreamPools you have the assurance of over 37 years of experience building pools in Algarve. Long gone are the days when we built pools in southern Portugal, Algarve, for just a small group of fortunate people. Nowadays we have an extensive list of pools built across the country, in both common and bold shapes, indoor and outdor, but always using the best materials and with superb finishings.

At DreamPools we also repair and maintain the quality and integrity of pre-existing pools. Our team evaluates your needs and assures a high quality service at very competitive prices.

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