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Pool Repairs
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Pool Repairs
DreamPools guarantee that the best materials and services are used in order to keep your pool in perfect conditions. The Pool Repairs and Maintenance service is provided all year round by our professionals.

The following problems comprise over 90% of a pool’s most common issues:
  1. Tubing loses water.
  2. Glass resurfacing wears off.
  3. Fissures in pool’s foundations.

Each of these problems sooner or later ends up making the pool unusable, forcing the owners to pay for costly repairs. As such, it becomes vital to repair small issues before they become structural problems.

For each problem, DreamPools has the most appropriate solutions, even in the hardest cases. DreamPools’ 3 decades of experience are at your service. We possess the techniques, experience, qualified manpower and the safest materials to solve all your pool problems.

We Repair your Pool – Always with a Guarantee

Every year, DreamPools repairs dozens of pools, always with our exclusive service guarantee. Contact us today and find out how we can help you restore your pool to its former glory.

Always with moderate costs, great experience and the DreamPools service warranty.
Algarve pool maintenance with DreamPools
Have your pool ready for fun 24/7
The Algarve is such a perfect place for pool owners, but while owning a swimming pool you need to keep that maintenance ongoing, so that your pool is sparkling clean, inviting, refreshing and ready for use every day. There is just one way to deal with it – just staying on top of it. Otherwise problems will occur that could cost you a good amount of money in pool repairs. Ask us a quote for your pool maintenance and save money!

Why is swimming pool maintenance so important.
If you’re the proud owner of a pool or spa in the Algarve or Alentejo, and are in need of cleaning, general maintenance or pool repairs, get in touch with Algarve’s experienced team at DreamPools, for friendly and professional pool and spa repairs and general maintenance.

Dreampools 37 years plus expertise and knowledge, along with our year round responsive examination, guarantees a top notch service, one of the most requested in Algarve.Why? Because it’s a friendly and professional service.

DreamPools is thankful for a long list of loyal customers, and more then 37 years experience. Our customers are also our best judges, that’s why DreamPools keeps on getting local referrals – we have built solid relationships with pool owners for both pool maintenance andpool repairs throughout the Algarve. We invite you to give us a try and find out for yourself. One thing we can guarantee you – our 37 years experience comes with us in every service.
Call +351 917 279 784 and speak to one of our professionals.

DreamPools – Repairing Pools for over 37 years

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