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Shotcrete is a continuous method of projecting concrete at high velocity, using the GUNITE method, without the help of any formwork.

The shotcrete (projected concrete) can be applied in almost all cases than conventional concrete is used. It can be used as a conventional concrete in the construction of new structures, especially in cases whose architecture presents curved sections or other specificities that himper the use of molds / formwork.
The main advantages in the use of shotcrete are:

- In terms of cost, because don’t need to use formwork;
- In terms of mobility and accessibility, because the associated equipment is portable and allows to reach places of difficult access;
- In terms of compatibility, the shotcrete  has the ability to adhere to various materials, such as concrete, steel and wood.

The Dreampools is a specialist in the execution of dry-laid shotcrete for more than 38 years. In swimming pools built with shotcrete designed based on the GUNITE projection method, we were able to perform several works, such as:

- Execution of structures of pools, lakes, channels with all free forms.
- Consolidation of tunnels.
- Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures.
- Rehabilitation of offshore marine structures.
Using specialized equipment, the shotcrene is projected by the GUNITE processes to obtain a solid and seamless joint with a thickness of 34 cm.

Our GUNITE structure is twice as strong as normal concrete and it is different from conventional pool construction methods, because  our GUNITE pools do not have joints - points of greatest weakness under the great pressures under water - this factor allied to 38 years of work explains why we offer our customers a 15 year warranty.
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