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Pool Coating

The DreamPools works with quartz or vitreous coating.


Quartz in the coatings come in a wide variety of colors and give a look to a deeply pool with sand or small pebbles, as the vitreous coating - which is the most conventional - allows to do the designs that the customer wants such as stars, dolphins, turtles etc.  being possible it's use in several colors.


The coating materials we work with are all of excellent quality.




The original coating from various colors of pebbles (white natural stone, blue, red, black, yellow) 3mm in diameter, another option Dreampools and a smaller pebble 1mm in diameter that after its application is polished so that it results in a smoother surface .

Application and technique: A mixture of pebbles "natural quartz" in white cement and additives is applied using specialized equipment and unique methods from our teams.

- 15-year warranty
- Anti Slip / waterproofing
- Jointless polished finishes 

If the swimming pool has water leaks the all structure is affected and we advise the aggregate of quartz coating  as insulation and guarantee it's application until 15 years.

Quartz Coating Application
Vitreous Coating


Vitreous mosaic of top quality. (only work with the best brands in the market)


For those who prefer the fine traditional pool with a strong tone we advise the vitreous coating, it's application is made with their own glue to cement pools. After the settlement we proceed to the washing of the entire structure by removing any residue so providing that way the necessary conditions for filling the joints with bitumen specially designed by the brand for application in swimming pools - resistant to the action of chemicals.


Come and meet our coating samples in our showroom where you can find the coating you always dreamed for your pool to build or renovate, do not hesitate search quality!


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Glass Resurfacing

Conventional glass mosaic.

For those who prefer a traditional pool. The installation is made using an adhesive specific for pools. After the mosaic has settled, we proceed to wash the whole structure of any residues, in order to fill in the joints with chemical-resistant pool putty.

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