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Pool Filtration Systems

Filtration system and it's great importance.

Filtration of your pool needs to be done ALL the days of the year. For this, all pool must have a well dimensioned filtration system and of good quality.

The heart of your pool is the filtration system do not buy a low quality filter or pump  because that will translate in maintenance costs.

All equipment is connected by pipes, fittings and hydraulic valves.

Periodic Maintenance


  • Periodic filter washing.
  • Carry out backwash when the pressure on the gauges show required.
  • Check sand or filter medium and replace it if necessary. (Typically sand reaches the saturation point at 5 years but in much cases use can be of the order of 2 years)
  • Be sure to perform regular maintenance only because it is WINTER. Remember your pool in any season, for cleaning it after the summer is more expensive and time consuming.
Important Tips


  • Never change the position of the lever of the filter valve with pump on.
  • Never close all hydraulic valves with system running.
  • Never let the pump run without water or without water circulation, except for testing for a short period.
  • Don't change filter system pump to a larger one (can damage the filter) or smaller one (decreases efficiency).
  • Never use products that may the filters.

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