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40 years of experience
The DreamPools has 40 years of experience, what led to enter the construction business, repair and maintenance of swimming pools?
My father started working primarily with general works, building houses and swimming pools, he began to notice a poor quality in the construction of swimming pools and with some knowledge began to do better work than what was being done at the time, starting its expertise in this area.
It was one of the first in the Algarve to work with this material. As regards to structures we specialize in projected concrete, which is a material more resistant and which ensures a work with excellent durability. The company has over 40 years of experience in construction and expertise in pools.
The route of the company?
The company's route has been a relatively normal way, with some ups and downs, with times of more work and others with less service, as is common in all activities. In the times when it comes to crises we noticed that clients request our intervention more in terms of repairs than construction of new pools, but this is only a reflection of the times. Our quality policy always assures us good customers that ultimately recommend us to your friends and family thus maintaining a regular flow of customers throughout the year.
The fact that you're located in the Algarve potentiates business?
I think so, our greatest workflow is in the Algarve and Alentejo, for the rest of the country customers have to pay for the trip, but not even that prevents our team from moving, of course, we go everywhere with great pleasure. Here in the Algarve we have work year round, but in the summer season our work is more visible in terms of maintenance of swimming pools, as winter we usually do more constructions and repairs. Our largest customers are people who have homes or who come on vacation here.
Work more with individuals or companies?
That's about 50-50, we work for some company such as the water parks and some resorts in the Algarve ... private customers arriving by drag seeing we work with major brands and tourism developments and verify the quality of our work always with an extensive warranty, which is due solely to the quality of materials and extensive company's experience .
What distinguishes DreamPools from the competition?
Our experience and the 10-year quality guarantee. Our experience of over 40 years has allowed us to understand the process and events related to the wear or non-wear of materials. A company that has only been in existence for a few years cannot yet know from direct experience what happens to a pool after 8/10 years. However, we have pools that were built more than 20 or 30 years ago, so we know perfectly well what the usual wear and tear is in very different scenarios.
In addition to the construction of pools which the services offered in DreamPools?
Make the construction of the area surrounding the pool as the spaces with non-slip floor, we built the engine room - where the bombs and pools filters are stored in reinforced on concrete or fiberglass. We also build showers, feet washers and create structures for people with wheelchairs or other mobility disabilities.
We do all the pools maintenance process, and this our service differs somewhat from provided by other firms as it is reported a record of all the maintenance process carried out to the customer: the values ​​of analysis to water, the applied chemicals and the quantities thereof, the hour, the day, and the name of the responsible maintenance professional. This file is in the engine room or in another location indicated by the client so that he can keep track of what was done, and at what time, since the customer can not be present at the time we will perform maintenance, as a rule we start the maintenance work at around 7 am.
DreamPools means dream pools. The Portuguese dream of having a dream pool?
When we choose the DreamPools name we wanted to make a reference to dream pools and refer not only to the aesthetic aspect of the pool but mostly to its quality. If you have recurring problems with a stunning pool from an aesthetic point of view,  it certainly isn't a dream pool. DreamPools mainly bet on a superior offering of high-quality materials, and an extensive warranty services.
In addition our swimming pools are customizable according to what the customer wants, provided it is viable. We advise you according to our experience, and we carry out the project with the main point to do what the customer wants in terms of  color or decoration, square pools, round or triangular, L shaped, with waterfalls, etc etc . We adapt the pool according to the available  space and we build it according to what the client has dream of.
Does DreamPools build indoor pools?
Yes, we also do indoor pools. These pools have as the main difference that the exterior pools are heated. In an indoor pool that can be used throughout the year it doesn't make sense to make it with a permanent system for space and water heating . As these pools have air conditioning is even more important this work is done by experienced professionals and that the structure and finish is impeccable. The materials used in the construction of indoor swimming pools must be suitable for the constant temperatures they are subjected to or otherwise they will deteriorate after some time.
The DreamPools indoor pools such as the exterior, have a 10 year warranty and cost the same in terms of work that an outdoor pool.
What is the main advantage of an indoor pool against a exterior?
There are two major advantages that are the privacy and the fact of being able to use the swimming pool throughout the year. Sometimes the houehold doesn't have a large outer space but have such a large basement or garage that it can be used to construct a interior swimming pool . Although people generally prefer the atmosphere of an outdoor pool due to the space around the pool, usually the garden, you can create very interesting environments in an indoor pool including a more intimate environment in the style of a private SPA . DreamPools have a great experience in indoor pool's construction and we know how to create a dreamy environment.

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