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Salt Appliances

Salt appliances are long being used successfully in public and private pools.
Currently, more than 50% of private pools in Portugal uses salt in pool's treatment. The working principle of salt oepration is very simple. A small amount of salt is added directly to the pool water. The device is mounted on the pool's water circulation system. The water is treated by the electrolysis process.


It has no smell of chlorine, which gives greater comfort to the swimmer, causes no allergic reaction because the production of chloro it's made by electrolyse without the addiction of acianúrico acid as a stabilizer the process is exempt from chemicals.
A healthy pool water without chemical Chloro - Yes, it is possible with salt electrolyzer!

Salt electrolysers are dimensioned in accordance with the cubic content of the pool and its use.

Advantages of Ultraviolet System


  • Safe;
  • Doesn't add chemicals;
  • Does not produce by-products (chloramines);
  • Operator does not require license or special training;
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae;
  • Cheap and low maintenance;
  • Reduced need for biocidals
Frequently Asked Questions

The quality of the pool water, in which this comes by UV, is directly related to the number of hours of filtration / recirculation that the pool water is submitted. Each and every microorganism which is exposed to the action of ultraviolet C (UVC) will be eliminated, thus the performance of the passage depends on the total volume of pool water by the unit?
Yes UV devices are designed according to the cubic content and the pool filtration system installed.



I can eliminate chlorine?

The chemical treatment of a swimming pool equipped with UV is simpler than a conventional pool. In many cases it is possible to remove 100% disadvantages of the use of chlorine.
How is the operation of UV systems in public swimming pools?
Many public pools in the US and Europe work with disinfection systems for UVC and do not use any chlorine. Laws in force, states that this type of pools are maintained with residual chlorine levels between 0.5 and 0.8 ppm. This way it's possible to eliminate the use of chlorine by 75% with the ultraviolet system. As well as the considerable reduction in costs it allows to eliminate the drawbacks of the use of chlorine, respiratory problems, skin and eyes irritations, dryness of the hair, bathing suits discoloration, premature aging of the pool coatings and their equipment etc. It is advisable that the system operates around the clock to ensure the quality of your water. The changing of the filter sand is also important. A swimming pool equipped with a UV system makes the most enjoyable sports practice.


How should I use it in my home?

Ultraviolet equipment for residential pools must work during the daily filtration time (8 hours). It is important to place a "timer" to ensure that the system works along with filtration system. The ultraviolet leaves no chemical residue in water, making it a healthier pool.
Prior to installing the UV system (UV) is important to change the sand filter to eliminate possible efficiency losses as they may be old colonies of microorganisms or even petrified sand.



As the UVC System (Ultraviolet) is installed?

The ultraviolet disinfection system is installed in conjunction to filter return line of the pool or even with an auxiliary pump that works all the time. The device can be 110 or 220 V and it's accompanied by the installation manual.

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