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Saunas have existed for centuries. The philosophy that "sweat" promotes health is a given fact.


The heat promotes increased blood circulation and better oxygenation and nutrition of tissue. Saunas are also useful in relieving pain, stiffness and promoting physical energy and overall health. The help of saunas in weight loss (high consumption of calories) is known and appreciated the lot.


The detoxifying effect is a precious asset today. The Infrared saunas are a technological marvel. Working at temperatures between (45-65º). So the detoxifying action is sharper, allowing easily reach bones and joints, metabolize fats and eliminate toxicity and considerably improving the skin appearance.

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Deliveries and Prices

Turkish Baths Cabins

Built and customized to the measures of each customer or prefabricated cabins.

Ask for your budget.

Saunas built by measure

Important note:

The Dreampools have a team that specializes in building saunas in pre-built spaces so it can build saunas to a larger number of users.

Steam Room NATURA 4/5

Model suitable for 4 to 5 people
Dimensions: 1.80 x 1.20 x 1.90m
(Installation not included, contact us to know the value)
Power: 2400 W

Steam Room NATURA 3

Model capacity of 3 people
Dimensions 1.50 × 0, 63 x 1,23x 0,63 x 1,50 x 1,90m
(Installation not included contact us to know the value)
Power 2400 W

Steam Room NATURA 2

Model up to 2 people
Dimensions 1.20 x 1.00 x 1.90m
(Installation not included contact us to know the value)
Power 1750 W

All equipment include


  • Cabins with infrared heating system, carbon paneled walls which favors the distribution of heat.
  • Canadian built with wood of superior quality.
  • Light control panel, Radio CD Ozonator and environment cleaner.
  • Easy installation and reduced energy consumption.
  • Water cascade
  • Pad support in the neck region

Extras that can be installed


  • Radio CD and MP3 (300 € + VAT)
  • Waterproof TV
  • Monitor 15polegadas (1.480.00 € + VAT)
  • Monitor 17polegadas (1.710.00 € + VAT)





  • Against manufacturing defects
  • Electrical and hydraulic systems 2 years
  • The structure has structural warranty of 5 years.

Other information

The delivery time for custom models ranges from 40-60 days. Models in stock have delivery time of 5 working days.

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Deliveries and Prices

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