Solar systems
Solar heating for homes
The same energy that heats our planet can be used to heat bathwater, light the lamps throughout the house, and to fully charge the central heating system during the cold nights of autumn and winter.

Our sun friend is the faithful companion of those looking for heat your home with solar energy without spending amounts of money every month with invoices of light. Let our photovoltaic panels and solar water heating systems produce all the energy required for your residence: the former are responsible for the transformation of solar energy into electricity.

With these panels we can use the sun to light the lamps of our homes or to connect a TV. The second way to transform solar energy is the use of solar heaters that transform this energy into hot water for showers or swimming pools.

Discover today how to save with free energy from the sun.
Solar heating for pools
Imagine arriving at your pool and having a cold, uncomfortable water ... Forget about the past - now you can always have a warm and inviting water for a long pool bath for the whole family!

Let the sun work every day to heat your pool with solar collectors to heat the pool water. Our collectors are highly effective and ensure the heating of the water in your pool all year, but especially from April to September when you use it the most. These collectors are installed on roofs or on land surrounding the pool, preferably installed facing south, and are always working without you noticing them.

In DREAMPOOLS SOLAR we have more than 30 years of experience making your pool ... and we'll guarantee that you always have good water temperature throughout the year!
Always Have Free Energy

Solar energy is the big bet of the present, and the right choice for the future without costly commitments to energy companies. With the rising cost of traditional energy sources and low investment in solar energy, this solution is ideal.
Save money every month

The savings you'll soon make from the 1st month is considerable, and the investment is recoverable in a short time, especially when the monthly bill with energy companies increase almost every month ...
Enjoy the sun of Portugal

Our magnificent Portugal has virtually sunny days throughout the year, and even in the winter months we see the sun regularly! This is the secret of the use of renewable energy to heat your home and pool throughout the year!
Considering solar energy is available for all in a completely free way, the use of this type of energy can become long-term solution to all the energy problems of our society.

To learn more about Dreampools solutions for solar systems, visit our portfolio.

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