Renovation and modernization of pools

When your pool needs more than a basic service or repair, you need an experienced team of design, renovation of swimming pools and technology experts to give you a total makeover. Let DreamPools ™ deliver more than you ever thought possible with a complete modernization and a style update.


The creative remodeling draft  along with the updates in technology, not only will provide a more modern and more attractive pool, it will also save time and money, enhance comfort and safety, and ensure a simpler treat of the recreation area on day-to-day basis.


And no matter what your budget - will always have the DreamPools ™ quality assurance.

Renovations and upgraded pools may include:

  • Modification projects to give new shape, depth and style.
  • Repair coatings.
  • Slides, diving boards, swimming and water jets.
  • Structural repairs.
  • Spas, swimming pools with waterfalls, fountains and lighting.
  • Pipes Repair.
  • Mounting security systems in your pool.
  • Placing Coating on new or existing pools.
  • Installation of variable speed pumps betting on low power consumption.
  • Supply and installation of pumps, filters, heating and other products.
  • Installation of underwater lights white or multicolor leds.
  • Installation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly systems .
  • General pool maintenance.

DreamPools ™ - 37 years of experience in the construction and repair of swimming pools


The renovation of swimming pools in DreamPools ™ is an option into account that effectively allows you to continue enjoying your pool with all the quality and safety after the renovations carried out by our team of professionals with over 37 years of experience.


We are here to ensure you get exactly what you want from your pool and surrounding area - is what we do since the 80's !!!


If you want to renew the format coating or pool piping, please contact us to create and reshape through remarkable transformations that are set for many years, doing the delight of the owners of pools, their family, friends and guests.

Remodeling with correct materials and DreamPools ™ guarantee 


We want the renovation of your pool is a perfect work for many years to come, and for this reason we give preference to the use of quality material and with brand's guarantees... and extra guarantees offered by DreamPools ™.


For example we offer a 15 year guarantee on the application of quartz jacket, 8 years in the application of vitreous coating, 2 years on mechanical equipment, filters and pumps, and finally, 5 year warranty in the tubing used by DreamPools ™.


Guarantees speak for themselves and reflect the 37 years of experience from DreamPools ™. If you add the portfolio with more than 15 private and public pools built a year, you understand why deliver your work to DreamPools ™ is a safe, effective bet, and with an extra: you get a partner for life.

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