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International dreampools
With over 40 years of experience in the swimming pools market in Portugal and southern Spain, DreamPools ™ is the Portuguese exporter of pool equipment with higher growth and market experience.
Equipment solutions for all types of private and public swimming pools. World reference material, class A, compliant with European standards and winner of international awards, which ensures high quality pool equipment at highly competitive prices, the importer has an excellent profit margin.
The DreamPools ™ partners are beneficiaries of the long experience of the Algarve brand and the excellent relations that DreamPools ™ has with the most requested brands in the world market for construction and repair of swimming pools.
To join the DreamPools ™ as a direct importer of material, you gain a lot from these long international relations, and join this select group of companies and entrepreneurs.
Benefits of the equipment Importers to DreamPools ™ pools:
  • Long Experience
  • World Benchmarks
  • Competitive prices
  • High Profit Margin
In practical terms, there is a trade off for the companies acquiring material at DreamPools ™, and by the volume of business, the importer of the discount is high.
Deliveries are made by international carrier, ensuring effective delivery, timely and maintaining low-cost.
The DreamPools ™ import partners do business with a solid and reliable company, which assures them better prospects for business, more customers and more profits.
At the moment DreamPools ™ positions itself as the Portuguese exporter of referenced pools equipment, with more growth and experience in the international market.
Join us, grow your business in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.
DreamPools ™ International:

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